chem 92 - 1 Marjan Moshref PID: A08084064 Chem 92, Spring...

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Marjan Moshref PID: A08084064 Chem 92, Spring 2010 Professor Robert Tukey “The Growing Role of Ocean in the Treatment of Cancer” By: Dr. William Fenical - April 9 th 2010 Oceanography or marine sciences is a branch of earth sciences that has become more successful and consequently popular over the recent years. Oceanography has become broad including ecosystem dynamics, ocean wave and current, geophysical fluid dynamics, and the life of marine organisms. The marine organisms live from the tiny layers of water to the depth of the ocean. In these series of projects and researches concentrate on the sponges and soft bodied marine organisms found in the great depth of the oceans. Nature has been the traditional source of drug for a long time. Morphine was first produces from opium poppy seeds as a pure single pharmaceutical drug more than 3000 years ago. Many of the natural drugs are being used as anti cancer therapeutics in many places like China and other countries. In the 21 century, treating diseases is especially complicated and requires a diverse procedure. Natural products have been the most successful agents in the treatment of drugs. Since 1980 the marine resources have become exponentially more popular for therapeutic use. The well being of marine organisms is closely linked to one another and also affects other organisms and animals that feed on these marine organisms. Humankind never explored oceans because they were frightened of being in the 1
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water. Oceans were the last discovery for natural medicine even though they occupied about 70% of the earth. Ocean is not a single environment but a highly diverse place. Oceans are the most biodiverse environments with 36 different phyla. From these 36
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chem 92 - 1 Marjan Moshref PID: A08084064 Chem 92, Spring...

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