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Econ 110A Macroeconomics A Summer session II, 2010 Prof. Kangoh Lee 1. Text: Macroeconomics (4th. ed.) by Olivier Blanchard. 2. Course Description: This course develops a basic macroeconomic framework by focusing on the interaction among the goods market, financial market, and labor market. The framework enables us to understand the effects of monetary policies and fiscal policies. The course then extends the framework to long-run economic growth. 3. Prerequisite: ECON1A (or ECON3), ECON1B (or ECON3), MATH10C (or MATH20C). 4. Topics to cover: Chapters 3-13 from Blanchard’s text. 5.Office phone, email, and hours: 619-594-8496, [email protected] Office Hours: right after class, and by appointment 6. TA 7. WebCT: Basic course materials (such as weekly lecture plans, exam information, lecture outlines/slides, homework questions) will be posted. Students are expected to download and bring them to class. 8. Grade:
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