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What is a Server - Application server, also called an...

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Christina Suarez HA 270 002032052 “What is a Server?” This article is all about servers. It talks about what servers are, what types there are, what they can do, and the difference between all of them. I knew what a server was to an extent, but I did not know what all they were about. I learned a lot from the article because I thought that there was just a server, not more than one type of server. What I learned was that a server is a computer or a device on a network that manages its resources. I did not know however that any user can store files on the server. I found out that servers are usually a one function deal, meaning that they only do what they are designed to do (one type of task). As I read the article, it went in to all of the different types of servers and their descriptions. I thought that these terms were important because it helps you understand what the servers are and their capabilities.
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Unformatted text preview: Application server, also called an appserver, is a program that handles all the application operations between the user and their organization’s business applications or databases. They are typically used for really complex transactions. A print server is set up on a network to route print jobs from the other computers on the network to a single, or even multiple, printer. A database server is an application that is based on the client/server architecture model. Along with the database server is the mail server which moves and stores your mail over the network. As reading through the article I found out that based on the type of system you would choose for a server depends mainly on its application with the organization. This article was very helpful and left me with no additional questions about what a server is and what they do, and the different types there are....
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What is a Server - Application server, also called an...

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