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THE VON NEUMANN MODEL - starting ch 4 today - problem set 3 due oct 1 - next Tuesday is off - exam 1: 2 week from today (oct 5) - topics: o intro to von Neumann computer o guest speaker: jim mayes, schlumberger hcs and ppc BASIC COMPONENT - we need a computer program (set of instructions à smallest piece of work specified in a computer program) that specifies what the computer must do and the computer itself to get a task done by the computer - the con Neumann model has five parts: memory, processing unit, input, output, and a control unit a) memory - with a k-bit address, we can represent uniquely 2 k items - memory space of the LC-3 computer is 2 16 b) processing unit - carries out the actual processing of information in the computer - the simplest processing unit is the ALU (arithmetic and logi unit) o can carry out basic arithmetic and logic - the size of the quantities processed by the ALU is called the word length of the computer where each element is called a word - LC-3 processes 16-bit quantities - Most computers have small storage areas to temporary store the answers to the algorithms. o
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