Intro Korea 2010 syllabus

Intro Korea 2010 syllabus - ANS 301M INTRODUCTION TO KOREAN...

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ANS 301M: INTRODUCTION TO KOREAN CULTURE AND HISTORY Unique #30625 Fall 2010 Meets: TuTh 2:00-3:30, WAG 201 Instructor: Robert Oppenheim Office: WCH 5.134 Tel.: 471-7279 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tu 3:30-4:30, Th 12-2 or by appointment Overview: This course is designed as an introductory overview of Korean history, culture, and society from ancient times to the present. It aims also to encourage students to locate their knowledge about Korea in relation to perspectives from other disciplines, while thinking critically about how history, culture, and society are understood. This class has no prerequisites. Note: some of you may have studied Korean history in middle or high school. Do not let this make you complacent. To put it bluntly, knowing the facts and the standard narrative of Korean history will not be enough if you can’t critically analyze perspectives and interpretations. This is what separates college history from high school history. Course Activities: Class lectures will be supplemented with films, slides, and other visual materials. Discussion is also important; students who contribute observations and/ or questions will find this reflected in their class participation/attendance grades! Assignments/Grading : Your grade will be based on 1 map quiz (4% of total grade) 2 tests during the term (20% of total grade each for a total of 40%) 1 final exam (30% of total grade) 4 short reaction papers (one page or so each; 4% each for 16% total) Class participation/attendance (10% of total grade) The two tests during the term will involve ID (identification) questions requiring a one paragraph response. A good answer will not only identify a given term, but explain its significance in some depth (we will discuss this further in class). The final exam will consist of both IDs and one or two essay questions. ID QUESTIONS USED ON EXAMS WILL BE DRAWN FROM A LIST OF KEY CONCEPTS I WILL POST EACH WEEK. If you use these posted documents as guides for study and preparation, you should do fine on exams. The two tests during the term will be based only on a portion of the Key Concepts. The final exam, however, is CUMULATIVE. Don’t be surprised come December. Each of the four short reaction papers (assigned throughout the term; 1-2 pp. each) will ask you briefly to consider a specific issue and present an argument. Grading
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will be based on the quality of your argument, your ability to support it (where appropriate), and your writing. All papers must be submitted at the beginning of class by the date indicated. Late papers will not be accepted without prior consultation. Likewise, I will not accept email submissions without prior permission and a good reason. After papers have been returned and grades posted, it is your responsibility to inform me if yours is missing ASAP. I will take attendance on random days throughout the term.
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Intro Korea 2010 syllabus - ANS 301M INTRODUCTION TO KOREAN...

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