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Assignment Week 2 Communication In Forums- GEN105

Assignment Week 2 Communication In Forums- GEN105 - Anthony...

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Anthony, It is highly important to use inclusive language when communicating in a classroom forum because you are trying to get one’s point across. You are trying to include everyone when talking to them. By not using inclusive language one could get offended and feel as you are talking down to them and possibly get bored with what they are reading. Some that do not understand what is trying to be got across to the class could as well not possibly understand the point that is trying to be made. No matter who you are trying to communicate with whether it is a friend, family member, or teacher you should always be careful on how you word something. When referring to someone as a “lady” or “man” that can be quite sexist. You should never refer to someone as: he, she, business lady, managers and their wives, and even a man who wants to get advanced at the business. You should know that not all “men” are in a position of being a boss. “Boys at the top” is very sexist in a woman’s eyes because ‘women” can as well be at the
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