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klingspornproteindeterminationlab301 - 4 Mix 10 microliters...

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Andrew Klingsporn [email protected] BIO 301-1 Cell Biology Protein Determination: Bio-Rad Protocols Materials needed:  Micropipette, Microtiter plate, 5 microcentrifuge tubes, Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 dye,  Protein solution, Spectrophotometer set at 595 nm, Tape, and a lab notebook. Methods: 1. Gather needed materials 2. Make 5 protein standards in microcentrifuge tubes  3. Add 10.52 microliters into 19 wells of microtiter plate
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Mix 10 microliters of each standard into 3 separate wells with the G-250 dye. This should use 15 wells 5. Mix dye and protein solution 6. Allow at least 5 minutes for incubation 7. Make sure the colors correspond to the concentration 8. Read all wells with the microplate reader set at 595 nm 9. Cover wells with tape and store 10. Record all data in lab notebook...
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