Relationships Between Arm Span and Height in Young

Relationships Between Arm Span and Height in Young -...

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Unformatted text preview: Relationships Between Arm Span and Height in Young Adults Adults Presented by, 504310 507883 278848 300824 Abstract Abstract The arm span and The height were measured of: of: 7 male college students 14 female students It was determined that It there is a correlation between arm span and height. and Introduction Introduction Da Vinci developed Da through mathematical proportions proportions – New approach toward New the human body the – New understanding of New the human body the Doctors use arm span measurements to: to: – Determine the height Determine of wheelchair patients patients This allows drug This dosages to be adjusted adjusted Height was measured by: by: – Measuring from the Measuring base of the foot to the top of the head top Methods Measurements for arm span were done by: – Measuring from middle finger tip to middle fingertip and recorded in cm Discussion Discussion Similar studies: – The correlation of arm span and height for: Black females was 0.852 White females was 0.903 – Steele et al, 1990 Family Practice Notebook Family Normal results Normal – Children: Arm span is 1 cm shorter than Children: height – Adolescent: Arm span is same length as Adolescent: height – Adult: Arm span exceeds height by more than Adult: 5 cm Longer arm spans – Boys Boys – African American descent African Males Males Males had an average: – Arm span of 181.43 cm – Height of 176.50 cm Difference of 4.93 cm Females Females Females had an average: – Arm span of 162.07 cm – Height of 161.07 cm Difference of 1 cm Relation between height and arm span span 190.00 185.00 180.00 175.00 Height (cm) 170.00 165.00 160.00 155.00 150.00 145.00 140.00 140.00 150.00 160.00 170.00 180.00 190.00 200.00 Total arm span (cm) Male Female Female R2 = 0.73 Male R = 0.74 2 Level of Significance r-value – Males r=0.86 – <.02 – Females R=0.85 – <.01 Literature Cited Literature Jarzem, P.F., and R.B. Gledhill, 1993. Predicting Height from Arm Jarzem, Measurements. Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics 13(6): 761-765. Reeves, S.L., Varakamin, C., and C.J.K. Henry, 1996. The Relationship Between Arm-Span Measurement and Height with Special Reference to Gender and Ethnicity. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 50(6): 398-400. Steele, M.F., and T.C. Chenier, 1990. Arm-Span, Height, and Age in Black and White Women. Annals of Human Biology 17(6): 533-542. Steele, M.F., and J.W. Mattox, 1987. Correlation of Arm-Span and Height in Young Women of Two Races. Annals of Human Biology 14(5): 445-448 Acknowledgements Special thanks to Dr. Frederick Prete who provided constructive oversight, criticism, and general guidance. Northeastern Illinois University’s Department of Biology provided adequate materials and a laboratory to conduct this survey. Questions? ...
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