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Ans-161E1-S2005 - MA 161& 161E EXAM 1 SPRING 2005 Page 1...

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Unformatted text preview: MA 161 & 161E EXAM 1 SPRING 2005 Page 1 of 5 STUDENT NAME: STUDENT ID: RECITATION INSTRUCTOR AND DIV-SEC: INSTRUCTIONS: (1) This test booklet has 5 pages including this page. (2) Fill in your name, your student ID number, your recitation instructor’s name, and your DIV-SEC numbers above. (3) Use a number 2 pencil on the mark-sense sheet (answer sheet). (4) On the mark—sense sheet, fill in the recitation instructor’s name and the course number. (5) Fill in your name and student ID number, blacken the appropriate spaces, and sign the mark—sense sheet. (6) Mark the division and section number of your class and blacken the corresponding circles, including the circles for the zeros. If you do not know your division and section number ask your instructor. (7) There are 10 questions, each worth 10 points. Blacken your choice of the correct answer in the spaces provided. Turn in BOTH the answer sheet and the question sheets to your instructor when you are finished. ' (8) Show your work in all problems. (9) No books, notes or calculators may be used. Kay: E (:55 ADOC 8A ...
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