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INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY PSYCH 2004 - CRN 15162 LECTURE SYLLABUS: Spring 2010 Introductory Psychology Coordinator: Michael M. Knepp Introductory Psychology Office: 131 and 133 Williams Hall Phone: 231-6279 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: See Blackboard Course Web Page Course Structure and Policies A. Required Texts Lahey, B. (2009). Psychology: an introduction (10 th edition), McGraw-Hill. Knepp, M.M., Riser, D.K., Patriquin, M.A., & Stephens, R.S. (2009). Psychology Readings for the Introductory Student, Pearson Custom Publishing. B. Recitation Section Each student MUST be enrolled in a recitation section of Introductory Psychology to receive credit for the course. Students without a recitation will be dropped following the first week of classes. The recitation section is worth 25% of the final grade for the course. See recitation syllabus for more information. C. Grading Policy Grades will be based on a cumulative score consisting of three in-class exams worth 50 points each and a recitation section grade worth 50 points for a total of 200 points. Final letter-grade cutoffs will be determined by the distribution of points at the end of the semester. Tentative cutoffs will be available on Blackboard following exam 2. D. Exam Composition The exams will not be cumulative. Each exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice items. The exam items will come from the text, lecture material, and assigned readings from the recitation portion of the course. Please bring a #2 pencil and a picture ID to each exam. Exam grades will be posted on the Blackboard course website. E. Make-up Exams
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