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Swinburne University School of Engineering and Science HES1300 Robotics & Mechatronics Project 1 Laboratory assignment 6: To practice the use of control structure commands in C, students are asked to write a simple C program (using selection and repetition commands) which reads (a priori unknown) number of students’ semester results (every student takes 4 subjects each semester) from the computer keyboard (by prompting the user to enter the results for all 4 subjects) and calculate the letter grade based on the following scale. Since the overall number of students is initially unknown, a sentinel control repetition is required. The program is expected to print the scores and their associated letter grades for every student in a neat table (do not store scores in an array). When it’s needed, the program has to
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Unformatted text preview: question the user for the eligibility of the student for receiving a conceded pass for that subject. Swinburne policy says that every student can ONLY receive ONE conceded pass during their study for a degree. The conceded pass would also ONLY be awarded in case the subject is not a prerequisite of another subject in that degree program. At Swinburne, the following letter grades are used: 100-85 HD 84-75 D 74-65 C 64-50 P 49-45 CP (if eligible) or N < 45 N Write3 different versions of this program using "while", "do while" and "for" commands. After completing the above task, try to write the table printing part as a separate function called myPrint....
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