FSHN203 Assignment 1

FSHN203 Assignment 1 - Sylvia R King Jean A Anderson Assignment#1 The code of ethics that I read was the America Dietetics Association 2009 version

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Sylvia R. King Jean A. Anderson Assignment #1 August 25, 2009 The code of ethics that I read was the America Dietetics Association 2009 version. The topic included in the code that most surprised me was Principle 13, which reads “The dietetics practitioner presents reliable and substantiated information and interprets controversial information without personal bias, recognizing that legitimate differences of opinion exist.” While I recognize the importance of presenting the most reliable information possible, the principle almost reads as if alternative dietary suggestions and practices (such as those used by other cultures) may not be acceptable simply because not enough information is available to recommend their use or disuse. While the discrimination factor is well covered in Principle 5, I feel that some members of the population may be put off by a dismissal of a certain food source due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the practitioner. The topic that was not included in the code that I expected to see included deals with
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