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The MBA Degree - Choosing a Business School - a Checklist

The MBA Degree - Choosing a Business School - a Checklist -...

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The MBA Program Information Site Choosing a Business School - a Checklist Choosing a Business School and choosing an MBA program are two related matters. So, in addition to these notes - read also the notes on choosing an MBA program. Remember that getting an MBA is one thing - getting one that is respected and recognized might be a different thing. The respect and recognition that a program has is obviously related to the status of the School that provides it. How well known is the School? You will probably need to check on this in several ways - rather than relying on one. Here are some of them - Ask around - particularly in the communities that are of interest to you; so - if you are planning an MBA to get a job in a particular industry or sector of business - ask around in that sector. Check the rankings of Schools that are sometimes published in business magazines, many of which are summarized on the 'Rankings of MBA Programs and Schools' page in the Advice section of this site. (But, warning - see advice on the 'how to choose an MBA' page). How long has the School been established? Check the press - most major papers and journals carry regular features/surveys of management education etc. See how frequently the School is mentioned. Perhaps you can also do searches for a School in the 'On Line' versions of major papers/journals to see how frequently it is mentioned Check the quality of the School's 'brand name'. Check through 'On line' searches. Ask people and see how often they mention the Schools name.
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