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GENES AND BEHAVIOR (BEHAVIORAL GENETICS) Psychology 410 COURSE SYLLABUS Professor : Jacob L. Driesen, Ph.D. Office:   317W CH - 503- 725-3972 (PSU)  Office Hours:  8:45-9:45 am   TuTh; 2-2:30 pm TuTh (all by appointment; but you may  drop-in if there is no scheduled appointment) Class Time and Location:  12-1:50 pm TuTh – 371W CH  Midterm:  November 5 - Take Home Final Examinations:  December 3 - Take Home E-Mail Address: Lecture Notes:  These are available on Blackboard Required Texts: Ψ Required: Plomin, et al, (2008 - 5th Edition).  Behavioral Genetics , Worth. Disability   Statement:   If   you   are   a   student   with   a   documented   disability   and   are   registered   with the   Disability Resource Center , please  see or contact Dr. Driesen  immediately   to   facilitate   arranging   academic   accommodations.   If   you   are   not   yet  registered, please do so as soon as possible. COURSE DESCRIPTION  It   has   been   over   thirty   years   since   the   first   textbook   of   psychiatric   genetics   was  published.  Much has changed dramatically in the intervening years with the advent of 
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