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Unformatted text preview: Site Title: “Photography Forever” Developer: Anonymous Student Rational or Focus: This website is designed to market my photographic services, showcase my portfolio, and provide clients access to the photos I took for them. Additionally I want to have a way for the family and friends of my clients to purchase copies of their photos. Outline of Main Elements and Content: 1. Main Page – has general information about me and my business. 2. About Us Page – has background and history of my photography experience and of the business. 3. Portfolio (multiple pages) – has a gallery of photos that I am showcasing to market my business and talent. 4. Rates Page – has the available packages, which each have their own page, and other prices. 5. Schedule Page – has my upcoming schedule including studio and office hours. 6. Contact Us Page – has contact information along with a form allowing the customer to submit requests for information or report errors with the site. Target Audience: People who want to view or buy photos that I have taken of themselves or of friends and family. Design Considerations: Need to make sure the design is very well done because they are hiring me for my artistic talent and if the website does not show that then they might go elsewhere. It is important that the pictures are copyright protected. I will need to design a log in process that allows the customers to create “sub log ins” somehow (not within scope during this course). Download time of photos in my Portfolio needs to be minimized wherever possible while still offering quality photos. Limiting Factors: Login and purchase capabilities are not within the scope of this course so I will only be able to create the pages to support this functionality. I will not be able to implement the capabilities. Photo size and resolution versus performance will need to be evaluated. My photography portfolio is very small right now so need to build this so that the Portfolio page has enough content. ...
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