ma100_note6 - %fr%.a4.._%w Emma FFIHI a“?! mez‘fins {f...

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Unformatted text preview: %fr%.a4.._%w Emma FFIHI a“?! mez‘fins {f 7% or Mme, firm/Ms 2:31:qu J 91/ FWD-Varmfiéz may} Efirwog an ab Jomam D r'n if] W: JCEXJflJZ) J 6L f/A/fE-Er Vamfih fmczlwd JCIXUJZJ M a, Jammir) In 3-3/Mca. 15:16.9 Liam if» Qfirmé/L L: War”?— J 571.5 a, ' afiehlm :9 FEEL“; (“U (3—) Vng of a, mafia V: , VA: A, of WE?!ng W mpg fry / fi/Méam/é Jamm Z=frnyJ 771a fiamnlw frmgj W” ferfJZ) W=JCFH23J3) /w'£ri'arfs mm V42 fxée pepawééni’ Vanna/Me z, w" m fix). WU fem: _ {If} nr" {1,3,2} Fm 1&2. mfii-tnjpfomaéfl_ Mg pa, mm of ma = 95mm x; 5mm :2 :4, Ma— lia/rial; 744015753wa . 77m [ayes-6 Pas-5543,61 r}? who}; frag} of” frHJleE-f} Flt-3‘ x.- {D , 45:26:21 _. a , :2: G3 z=JI-xl-}3 I CIA-+325! , may; ME w {min/Ia £511, qufcra’rra. @ W=V’I*2TZ-)’E-Z‘2 , fiz+gf+z2m I (X,j,2)aséarg‘ns,x¢ a, jfmbfifla fix. 2;: [fl {juxfi gr”: flmprj Q’fimm M/Drzsseni' a: :7?K2 $fi’x __ Hui-2. er A5 a #L-é-‘ms a ,2, VMMKa: 3:35aer 6L- 6314-!”an r'n Z-E/MCL 421';k {X} ,2) £31.» 5544792.;3. I}? 3— E/DRCL Ex. a; fag): x—x—é—y a; Ffam ,Z+§+Z*H=fi , hflf‘mafi We‘d?!" <J'JELM'>. r19 {mgr—‘J'f-R’Z—ya. zl+x2+3z=f *—‘> a» grim. hem z=frmjj 2:0 -—P a, éem—sfm @ jrng= —xJ?£l+;j*_ a; Coma. wit/L, :3,ch 12—!” m @finpfir-M Wzdimzés 1.5 I Z = fill—xz—yz {r} Zr: 01:52.13) 51/ Shel—Vania.— m S-E/DAC-E. j ’kfifilflcm Z: ILL Adar-{:20an Plan; '5' igfiéfi mt: 5" m :35 fir mar—Vii In 3'3 (-1?— {H} Prvécfifi-zfl of ' cam“er 011ng "$94; Fig/l Eli/LEI. fix}: a.» (WM £MVE. . . K‘f’f-B fimz awn-t fmpfgiaaf 5 24:56:77 ESE/6 fa mi. #Ae Shaffaca of AZ: fflfff} 4 WV? riff r‘fifi-fiseci‘fi r25“ WM IDFci/égfigf (info flaw, 9:3 FEEL. Z=fWJ 9:0 (0,: O} kayo LL of 66A :65 n; V QC—IMWUfz’J 1% J fl-mfir‘affiz i—JR ...
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This note was uploaded on 09/30/2010 for the course MATH 100 taught by Professor Qt during the Fall '09 term at HKUST.

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ma100_note6 - %fr%.a4.._%w Emma FFIHI a“?! mez‘fins {f...

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