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Macroeconomics plus MyEconLab plus eBook 1-semester Student Access Kit (6th Edition)

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Econ 304 Sonoma State University Dr. Robert Eyler Fall 2007 Symbol List y = real GDP y D = real disposable income S p = personal or private savings S g = government savings D = government deficit = G – T G = government spending, T = tax receipts of government, TR = transfer payments, I = real physical investment = net inflow to capital stock. (I d = desired or domestic investment) NX = EX – IM CA = current account balance NX EX = Exports IM = Imports P = Price level W = nominal wage W = real wage = wealth P K = price of capital uc = user cost of capital Q = quantity C = consumption (C d = desired or domestic investment) U = unemployment rate K = capital stock, N = labor force, S N = labor supply D N = labor demand M S = money supply M d = money demand K/N = capital stock per worker
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Unformatted text preview: k* = steady state capital stock per worker d = depreciation rate on capital n = labor force growth rate IS = IS Curve LM = LM Curve LF = loanable funds S LF = supply of loanable funds D LF = demand for loanable funds mpc = marginal propensity to consume mps = marginal propensity to save C = autonomous consumption-S = autonomous savings R = nominal interest rate r = real interest rate = R - ε P PV = Present Value R ε = expected nominal rate P stock = price of stock P bond = price of bond dp = default premium tp = tax premium lp = liquidity premium cpp = currency and political premium ε P = expected inflation rate y = growth rate of real GDP V = velocity...
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