Bank Mgt 5th Ed. Chap. 1-Modified

state banks state banking authorties fdic approves

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Unformatted text preview: NATIONAL BANKS OFFICE OF THE OFFICE COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY THE ?? STATE BANKS STATE BANKING AUTHORTIES F.D.IC APPROVES DEPOSIT INSURANCE-ALL BANKS NATIONAL BANK CHARTER FEDERAL RESERVE MUST APPROVE MUST STATE MEMBER STATE FED MEMBER BANK CHARTER STATE BANK CHARTER CURRENT BANK STRUCTURE CURRENT Nearly all banks are privately owned. Since 1863, banks can choose a national Since or state charter.Banks can choose to be a unit bank or elect to branch. unit Growing debate between which form is Growing best: unit or branch. best: Banks can choose to be a holding Banks company. company. Number of bank charters is down, while Number bank branches are on the rise. bank Trend is toward multiple facilities. * AUTHORITY FOR CREATING A BANK HOLDING COMPANY APPLY TO DISTRICT FEDERAL RESERVE BANK ON...
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