Service Quality Oversight

Idontknow x 2idontcare x 3icantbebothered x

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Unformatted text preview: x Service Quality Will Interfere With Efficiency x 10 DEADLY SINS 10 DEADLY SINS IMPACTING SERVICE QUALITY 1. I Don't Know x 2. I Don't Care x 3. I Can't Be Bothered x 4. I Don't Like You x 5. I Know It All x 6. You Don't Know Anything x 7. We Don't Want Your Kind Here x 10 DEADLY SINS 10 DEADLY SINS IMPACTING SERVICE QUALITY(CONTINUED) 8. Don't Come Back x 9. I'm Right And You're Wrong x 10. Hurry Up And Wait x SERVICE QUALITY SERVICE QUALITY OVERSIGHT BY MANAGEMENT Set An Example Thru Leadership ­­Create A Service Climate x Communicate Standards & Provide Training x You Can Expect What You Inspect x Review Service Reports & Interview Customers x Above All­­Be POSITIVE x FOUR BASICS TO SERVICE FOUR BASICS TO SE...
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