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Unformatted text preview: RVICE QUALITY COMPETENCE Technical Skills x Interpersonal Skills x Product & Service Knowledge x Customer Knowledge x TECHNICAL SKILLS TECHNICAL SKILLS Do You Know How Your Office Machines Work­­Telephone/Fax, Etc. x Do You Understand Paperwork Needed To Efficiently Meet Customer Needs x Can You Make Your Computers Work For Your Customer x INTERPERSONAL SKILLS INTERPERSONAL SKILLS How Good Are Your People Skills­­Ask Manager To Observe x Ask Close Friend To Critique Your Person­ To­Person Manners x Can You Anticipate How Certain Regular Customers Will React To Certain Situations x PRODUCT & SERVICE PRODUCT & SERVICE KNOWLEDGE Do You Know And Personally Use Your Products Or Competitor's Products x Are There Blind Spots In Your Knowledge x Do You Know What Questions Customers Ask Most About Your Products And Services And How To Answer Them x CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE What Does Your Customer Want, Need And Expect Today x What Might They Want In The Future x Do You Have A File On Your Best Customers x AS THE GREAT O.U. COACH AS THE GREAT O.U. COACH BUD WILKINSON SAID: "NOTHING IS AT THE POINT WHERE SOMETHING CAN'T BE ADDED, BUT IT IS AT THE POINT WHERE SOMETHING CAN'T BE TAKEN AWAY."...
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