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Routine.Corres.0409 - confusion As a precaution we will...

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Sweet Dreams Mattress Company 2984 Industrial Avenue Dallas, TX 76677 Fax: 972.765.4321 April 9, 2010 CHRIS M ZINGY WAYSIDE MOTEL 17172 LOOP 420 NORTH SAN ANTONIO TX 78595 FAX 210.833.5511 Dear Chris M. Zingy: SUBJECT: Replacement Mattresses: Invoice 6896D Eleven mattresses will be shipped immediately and will reach you by April 12 via Sweet Dreams Mattress Company Freight. We will also remove the eleven damaged mattresses the same day as delivery. The original order of April 9 was filled by our warehouse personnel who spent days going through the mattresses after a fire last month in the north wing of our warehouse. We thought we had destroyed all the mattresses with visible damage but remember fire can cause a lot of
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Unformatted text preview: confusion. As a precaution, we will have a manager double checking all orders before shipment in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused you. We will remove all damaged mattresses and replace them with brand new ones early Monday morning in our local delivery truck. Your customers will be delighted with a nice comfy mattress to sleep in. Thank you for placing your confidence in Sweet Dreams Mattress Company. We look forward to many years of meeting your merchandise needs. Sincerely, Catherine Pritzlaff, 20-s8 Greg Macha, 16-s40 Customer Service...
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