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Sales Letter: Adapted from Lesikar Basic Business Communication, 8 Ed. p. 178 th [SHSU Jump: GBA389\Persuasive Communication\Examples for Persuasive Communication\ Example 11 Sales Letter— Restaurant.wpd—11/06] Example 11A Bad Example Sales Letter Dear Betty Collins: You have probably heard in the trade about the services I provide to restaurant management. I am now pleased to be able to offer these services to you. From 28 years of experience, I have learned the details of restaurant management. I know what food costs should be. I know how to find other cost problems, be they the buying end or the selling end. I know how to design menu offerings for the most profitability. I have studied kitchen operations and organization. And I know how the service must be conducted for best results. From all this knowledge, I have perfected a simple system for analyzing a restaurant and finding its weaknesses. This I do primarily from guest checks, invoices, and a few other records. As explained in the
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