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V. Decide on Type of Research ---secondary, primary, combination A. Secondary Research—already gathered and recorded. a. Source Documentation i. Reason 1. Gives credit to originator 2. Permits locating sources ii. What to Document 1. Published or unpublished that is: a. Quoted b. Rephrased c. Used basic ideas d. If in doubt, document iii. Documentation not required on: 1. Generally known material 2. Material available in a variety of sources 3. Personal material/ your research iv. Four Styles
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Unformatted text preview: 1. APA-American Psychological Association 2. MLA-Modern Language Association 3. Chicago Manual of Style 4. CBE-Council of Biology Editors v. Particulars 1. Notations within the text 2. Listing at the end of document b. APA Style (emphasizes author and date) i. In textuses parenthetic notation ii. End of documentusually just those actually referred to in the document text 1. Author(s)s name(s), year, other info (depends on what it is) 2....
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