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1 REPORTS I. State the Problem and Develop Purpose A. Problem: The broad situation B. Narrow into specific purpose statement: What you want to accomplish related to problem 1. WHAT--- exactly what do you want to know 2. WHO --- who will be consulted 3. WHEN--- the time period dating the data 4. WHERE--- geographical location of the data 5. WHY --- the reason the research is being done 6. HOW --- how the data will be used C. Depth of final presentation 1. Information 2. Interpretation 3. Recommendation II. Determine the Reader(s) A. Reader Affects 1. Style 2. Background needed 3. Complexity / simplicity 4. Research method 5. Forcefulness of recommendations B. Reader DOES NOT affect 1. Findings 2. Conclusions III. Define the Scope - - - exact boundaries IV. Break Purpose Statement into Subareas- - -Analyzing Purpose A. Look for natural subareas B. Give working outline C. Should be—
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Logical: all subareas relate to topic [a mental 2. Systematic: subareas can be process] arranged in some type of order 3. Complete: covers everything needed Reports Page 1 D. Examples ( see handout ) 1. Factual - - - requires only identification of facts a. Chronological b. Categorical c. Spatial 2. Valuation - - - break into parts of whole to be evaluated a. Quantitative b. Qualitative 3. Comparison - - - evaluating alternate ends or resultsand determining most desirable a. By Characteristics (1) Determine characteristics to be compared (2) Determine criteria for evaluating b. By advantages / disadvantages 4. Solution - - - determining why something happened a. Hypothesis - - - tentative explanation b. Logical subareas c. Prove or disprove Reports Page 2...
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Notes--Section_I,_II,_III,_&_IV - 1 Logical all...

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