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Formal Reports I. Prefatory Parts a. Title Fly b. Title Page i. Title ii. Writer iii. Recipient iv. Date v. Last one you would keep. c. Authorization d. Transmittal e. Table of Contents i. With page numbers f. List of illustrations g. Executive summary II. Content of the Report Proper a. Introduction i. Origin-written letter of authorization; how it came about ii. Problem iii. Purpose iv. Scope- fence; fences in exactly what your doing v. Methods of collecting data-(locating information) vi. Limitations—those things that can affect the outcome of your report and you have NO CONTROL over it. vii. Background- what other people have done in this area. viii. Definitions-help a person understand a meaning of a word ix. Report preview—(road map or logic report) statement of what sections will be covered b. Body—presentation of data collected (organizational patterns for
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Unformatted text preview: presenting data i. Comparison/contrast 1. Subject pattern 2. Characteristic pattern ii. Time iii. Space iv. Problem/solution v. Cause/effect vi. Alternatives vii. Subareas (no particular organization) viii. Sub-parts have to be related c. Ending i. Summary ii. Conclusions iii. Recommendations If it does not go to conclusions then you do not do Conclusions and Recommendations. d. Arrangement of: The Content of the Report Proper i. Logical/Indirect 1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Ending- received negatively ii. Psychological/Direct 1. Version One a. Ending b. Introduction c. Body 2. Version Two: Direct a. Introduction b. Ending c. Body III. Appended Parts a. Appendix b. Bibliography—everything you looked at. Where or not you used them. c. index...
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Formal ReportsNotes.0326 - presenting data i...

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