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John Robert Wilcox.GBA

John Robert Wilcox.GBA - Agriculture and Natural Resources...

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John Robert Wilcox 9282 Songbird Lane The Woodlands, TX 77381 Phone: 281-388-7575 Email: [email protected] February 19, 2010 SUMNER A MARELLERO HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT COMPUTER SOFTWARE SPECIALTIES 18812 I35 EAST DALLAS TX 75221 Dear Sumner Marellero: Please review my qualifications for the position of Trainee in Human Resources Management that you posted on the Computer Software Specialties’ Home Page on February 5, 2010. On May 20, 2010, I will have earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in General Business. Along with my required courses I have an additional 21 hours in management courses and also have an additional 9 hours in Psychology to help develop a better understanding the people I will be assisting. The 21 hours include: Management and Labor Relations, Personnel Management, Compensation, and Social Responsibility of Management. These courses have prepared me to successfully manage others. My employment at Sam Houston State University as a student assistant in the Department of
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Unformatted text preview: Agriculture and Natural Resources has given me a knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets. Along with improving my keyboarding skills to 65 wpm, the job helped improve the ability to communicate clearly—both oral and written. Also my employment at Walgreens has helped me to assist customers through customer service and develop excellent interpersonal skills. With this experience in knowledge I can become a productive employee for Computer Software Specialties. I look forward to relocating when the job requires me to in the future. After you have reviewed my qualifications on the resume enclosed, please grant me the opportunity to talk with you personally about how my qualifications can fill your companies needs. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or leave a voice mail at 281-388-7575. Sincerely, John Robert Wilcox Heather Wilson, 28-s9; Catherine Pritzlaff 20-s8 (8)...
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John Robert Wilcox.GBA - Agriculture and Natural Resources...

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