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General Conclusions Based on Web Printouts All the jobs analyzed in this report include being responsible for preparing specific types of reports in the financial analyst. In at least two thirds of the positions, preparing financial reports and strong leadership is the main responsibility. In those positions, the successfully candidates develop and produce management reports as required, ability to work closely with all levels of management, and facilitate the problems at hand. The candidate will oversee all levels of management and enable the company to achieve long term objectives and strategic plans in the future. Individuals in these positions may serve as a liaison between the assigned areas. One third of the positions analyzed in this research include preparing financial reports only as a portion of more extensive duties in executive director of finance positions, such as oversees
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Unformatted text preview: budgeting, and financial and operational reports. All positions require a Bachelor’s degree and two thirds of the jobs require a Bachelor’s and Masters degree with three to five years of experience in the related area. Skill requirements include excellent written and verbal communication abilities, a working knowledge of computer software skills in MS Office and other software specific to the area of the position, and several other skills specific to that particular position. Two thirds of the jobs require the ability to identify problems at hand and recommend solutions. One third of the jobs require travel and a flexible personal style and all are located in Texas. At least one third requires the candidate to work under time constraints and with multiple priorities. 1...
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  • Spring '08
  • Skill, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, long term objectives, verbal communication abilities

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