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Excel 5a Pivot Table Data - Sales\Rookie $28,000 M...

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Name Department\Rank Start Date Salary Gender Beth Palermo Sales\Rookie 10/26/94 $27,000 F David Downs Management\Assistant 9/14/92 $36,000 M Jim Weaver Sales\Associate 4/12/88 $50,000 M Alice Downs Sales\Associate 3/16/89 $53,000 F Alfred Hill Management\Assistant 2/2/91 $32,000 M Earl Weeks
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Unformatted text preview: Sales\Rookie 2/4/94 $28,000 M Katherine Ball Management\Assistant 6/12/92 $35,000 F Suzy Carnes Sales\Associate 7/26/90 $52,000 F John Ball Sales\Associate 9/03/89 $51,000 M Cheryl Young Management\Head 8/28/87 $60,000 F...
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  • Spring '08
  • American film actors, Start date, American actors, Beth Palermo David Downs, Sales\Rookie Management\Assistant Sales\Associate, Management\Assistant Sales\Associate Sales\Associate

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