EXAM 1 Review - Pointing devices (93) RFID (111) Speech...

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Exam 1 Review – 100 Points Total 14 T/F and 36 Multiple Choice questions at 2 points each Chapter 3 (Computer Hardware) 14 questions Chapter 4 (Computer Software) 13 questions Chapter 5 (Data Resource Management) 9 questions Excel 8 questions Access 6 questions BE SURE TO BRING A SCANTRON FORM 288-PAR-L [the RED one] AND A PENCIL WITH YOU TO THE EXAM. Review the Key Terms below for each chapter. DO NOT SIMPLY LOOK THESE TERMS UP IN THE GLOSSARY. You should read and understand the material in the chapter that covers the term/concept if you wish to do well on the test. Text page numbers are provided in parenthesis after the term. From the Textbook and/or Lecture Notes: Computer Hardware Computer systems (89) Cycles per second (90) Information appliance (82) Magnetic disks (108) Floppy disk (108) Hard disk (109) RAID (109) Magnetic Stripe (101) Magnetic Tape (109) Microcomputer (79) Midrange system (83) Minicomputer (84) Moore’s law (90) Network computer (82) Network server (79) Optical disks (109)
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Unformatted text preview: Pointing devices (93) RFID (111) Speech recognition (97) Supercomputer (86) Computer Software Application software (124) COTS software (124) Custom software (124) Groupware (135) HTML (154) Machine language (150) Operating system (140) Presentation graphics software (134) Software suites (129) System software (140) Data Resource Management Data dependence (195) Data integration (195) Data integrity (195) Data mining (192) Data redundancy (195) Data warehouse (191) Database (174) Database administrator (DBA) (180) Database management approach (196) Database management systems (DBMS) (196) Field (170) File (173) Record (170) Relational model (176) Structured Query Language (198) From the Labs: Excel What is the strength of a spreadsheet? Worksheets vs. Workbook Functions and Formulas Relative and Absolute Cell Referencing The IF statement Access Database Table Record Field Primary Key Foreign Key...
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EXAM 1 Review - Pointing devices (93) RFID (111) Speech...

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