Key Terms - 5 Data Resource Management KEY TERMS AND...

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5 Data Resource Management KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS 1. Data dependence (195): The degree to which a given software application depends on the format of stored data. The greater the dependence on format, the greater the long-term program maintenance costs. 2. Data dictionary (180): A software application and database containing descriptions and definitions concerning the structure, data elements, interrelationships, and other characteristics of an organization’s databases. 3. Data integration (195): The degree to which necessary data is integrated into a single database for access. 4. Data integrity (195): Refers to the accuracy of the data stored within a database. 5. Data mining (192): A process where data in a data warehouse is searched and analyzed to discover useful, new insights. 6. Data modelling (182): A process where the relationships between data elements are identified and defined. 7. Data redundancy (195): The degree to which data has been duplicated between various files and databases. The greater the redundancy, the more difficult data maintenance tasks become. 8. Data resource management (185): A managerial activity that applies information systems technology and management tools to the task of managing an organization’s data resources. Its three major components are database administration, data administration, and data planning. 9.
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Key Terms - 5 Data Resource Management KEY TERMS AND...

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