Key Terms - 4 Computer Software KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS 1...

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4 Computer Software KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS 1. Application service provider (ASP) (136): Are companies that own, operate, and maintain application software for access by others via the Internet. 2. Application software (124): General purpose or function specific software that provides a tool to help users complete general information processing tasks (such as word processing or spreadsheet calculations) or complete structured tasks (such as payroll or time tracking). 3. Assembler language (151): Assembler is a second generation language that uses a few letters and numbers to directly represent machine code or memory locations. 4. CASE tools (161): Computer-Aided Software Engineering tools are software applications designed to support and standardize the activities associated with systems analysis, design, programming, testing, and maintenance. 5. Cloud computing (137) Cloud computing is a style of computing in which software and, in some cases, virtualized hardware resources are provided as a service over the Internet. 6. COTS software (124): Applications which can be purchased commercially and do not require (or allow) any extensive customization. 7. Custom software (124): Software developed within an organization for a specialized, one of a kind, application. 8. Desktop publishing (DTP) (133): The use of microcomputers, laser printers, and page layout software to produce a variety of printed materials, formerly done only by professional printers. 9. E-mail (130): The transmission, storage, and distribution of messages to specific addresses in electronic form over communications networks. 10. Fourth-generation language (152):
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Key Terms - 4 Computer Software KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS 1...

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