5 James Monroe (real XIII not there - conflict)

5 James Monroe (real XIII not there - conflict) - Leah...

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Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3 9/22/06 JAMES MONROE I. President: James Monroe A. April 28, 1758 – July 4, 1831 II. States: A. Virginia born B. Virginia delegate for President III. Educational and Occupational background A. Education 1. Campbelltown Academy (Reverend Archibald Campbell) 2. College of William and Mary (at age 16) a. Dropped out b/c of patriotic fervor → never earned degree 3. studied law under Thomas Jefferson (1780-1783) B. Occupational 1. Military Service a. American Revolution: Continental army (1776-1778) i. Rose from lieutenant to major 2. Congressional a. Member of Virginia Assembly (1782-1783) b. Member of Continental Congress (1783-1786) c. U.S. Senator (1790-1794) (Virginia0 d. Minister to France (1794-1796) e. Governor of Virginia (1799-1802) (January-March 1811) f. Special Envoy (1803) i. w/ U.S. Minister Robert R. Livingston negotiate Louisiana Purchase (in Paris) g. Minister to Great Britain (1803-1807) h. Secretary of State (1811-1817) (President Madison) i. Secretary of War (1814-1815) (President Madison) IV. Dates of the terms of office A. 1817 – 1821 B. 1821 – 1825 V. Prominent issues in each election A. 1 st election – Monroe’s nomination was tantamount to election, Federalist party moribund after War of 1812 (accelerated decline); not much campaigning B. 2 nd election – “Era of Good Feelings”, no (major party) opponents & only one of 231 elector votes against incumbent Monroe; 1. Even Pres. John Adams (pillar of Federalist party) came out of retirement to stand as a Monroe elector in MA VI. Opponent(s) by term
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A. 1817 1. Rufus King – Federalist B. 1821 1. No major party representatives beside Monroe 2. John Quincy Adams – Independent Republican VII. Vice President: Daniel D. Tompkins (served 1817-1821, 1821-1825)
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5 James Monroe (real XIII not there - conflict) - Leah...

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