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7 Andrew Jackson - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3...

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Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3 10/6/06 ANDREW JACKSON I. President: Andrew Jackson A. March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845 II. States: A. South Carolina born (but is some dispute may have been North Carolina) B. Tennessee delegate for President III. Educational and Occupational background A. Education 1. Better education than for brothers → (Mother) wanted him to become a Presbyterian minister a. Did not want to enter clergy b. Not great student 2. Briefly at New Acquisition school of Robert McCulloch (after squander inheritance) 3. Became a lawyer a. Admitted to North Carolina bar – Sept. 1787 b. Practiced law in North Carolina and, later Nashville (Tennessee) 4. Justice of Tennessee Superior Court (1798-1804) B. Occupational 1. Military Service a. American Revolution – Continental army (joined at 13); last veteran of Rev. to become pres., and only pres. who was a POW (released after 2 weeks, late April 1781) b. Burr Conspiracy (1805-1806) – did not realize Burr’s plan was of subversive nature, when Pres. Jefferson warned nation of it → dissociated himself from enterprise c. War of 1812 (1812) – major general of U.S. Volunteers → major general in reg. army, became national hero after officially ending war at New Orleans (w/ best victory; even though after Treaty of Ghent) d. First Seminole War (1817-1818) – told by Pres. Monroe to check incursions but not invade Spanish territory except in hot pursuit of enemy → took bold actions and gained Florida → some privately urged to reprimand; no action taken → military governor for several months (during – resigned from army) 2. Congressional a. U.S. Representative (1796-1797) b. U.S. Senator (1797-1798, 1823-1825) 3. Duel with Charles Dickinson (1806) IV. Dates of the terms of office
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A. 1829 – 1833
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7 Andrew Jackson - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3...

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