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9 Harrison - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3 WILLIAM...

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Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3 10/24/06 WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON I. President: William Henry Harrison A. February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841 (in office) II. States: A. Virginia born B. Ohio delegate for President III. Educational and Occupational background A. Education 1. Hampden-Sydney College in Prince Edward County for premedical instruction (14 yrs old) a. Episcolpalian → Dropped out when school took on Methodist fervor 2. Transferred to an academy in Southhampton County (briefly) 3. Apprentice to Dr. Andrew Leiper of Richmond (1790) (1 yr) 4. University of Pennsylvania Medical School in Philadelphia a. Studied under Benjamin Rush b. Upon arrival received word father had died c. Carried out father’s wishes: continue studying → when money ran out abandoned idea of becoming doctor 5. Joined army (August 1791) B. Occupational 1. Military Service a. Professional soldier (1791-1798, 1812-1814) i. Rose from ensign to major general ii. Served in the Indian wars (NW Territory) & War of 1812 2. Congressional a. Indian wars in the Northwest Territory (1793-1797) b. Secretary of the Northwest Territory (1798-1799) c. Northwest Territory Delegate to the U.S. House (1799-1800) d. Governor of Indiana Territory (1800-1812) e. War of 1812 (1812-1814) f. U.S. Representative (1816-1819) g. Ohio State Senator (1819-1821) h. U.S. Senator (1825-1828) i. U.S. Minister to Colombia (1828-1829) j. Whig Presidential nominee (1836) IV. Dates of the terms of office A. 1841-1841 (Died in office) V. Prominent issues in each election
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A. First modern presidential campaign (partisan songs, decorative objects advertising candidates, and hoopla) B. Democrats meant to belittle Harrison for his presumed frontier manner → “Give him a barrel of hard cider and settle a pension of $2,000 a year on him and, my word for it, he will sit the remainder of his days in a log cabin by the side of a sea coal fire and study moral philosophy.” 1. only strengthened Harrison’s hold on the Frontier’s (NW and W territories’) votes C. the economic depression that accompanied the panic of 1837 1. even w/o specifying how Harrison would restore prosperity, won support of Western settler and eastern banker alike D. Van Buren’s unpopularity – clearly demonstrated in NY (home state that voted for Harrison) and Tennessee (state’s aging hero Andrew Jackson supporting VB, but voted for Harrisson) VI. Opponent(s) by term
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9 Harrison - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3 WILLIAM...

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