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11 James K. Polk - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3...

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Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3 10/29/06 JAMES K. POLK I. President: James Knox Polk A. November 2, 1795 – June 15, 1849 II. States: A. North Carolina born B. Tennessee delegate for President III. Educational and Occupational background A. Education 1. informal basic instruction 2. wanted to learn merchandising → clerked at a store, did not like it (17 yrs old) 3. enrolled at a Presbyterian school (1813) – 1 st formal education a. made progress fast → transferred to more demanding school (under Samuel P. Black at Murfreesboro) 4. entered University of North Carolina (as sophomore) (1816) 5. wanted career in politics → studied law a. under Felix Grundy – prominent lawyer in Nashville and, later, attorney general under Pres. Martin Van Buren b. Grundy helped Polk secure job as clerk of state senate c. Admitted to bar (1820) B. Occupational 1. Military Service a. Commissioned a captain of a militia cavalry regiment (1821) b. Later rose to colonel 2. Congressional a. Member of Tennessee House of Representatives (1823-1825) b. U.S. Representative (1825-1839) i. Speaker of the House (1835-1839) – beat in 1833 by John Bell of Tennessee; re-elected 1837 (2 yr. term) ii. Retired from House to run for Governor c. Governor of Tennessee (1839-1841) IV. Dates of the terms of office A. 1845 – 1849 V. Prominent issues in each election
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11 James K. Polk - Leah Betten Mr Bickerstaff Period 3...

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