31 - Herbert Hoover

31 - Herbert Hoover - Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3...

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Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3 3/11/07 HERBERT HOOVER I. President: Herbert Clark Hoover A. August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964 II. States: A. Iowa born B. Washington, D.C. delegate for President III. Educational and Occupational background A. Education 1. Fundamentals at West Branch Free School 2. Friends Pacific Academy (1885-1887) [Oregon] 3. Stanford University (newly established)– graduated 1895 a. Failed all but math on entrance exam → took college preparatory instruction [Palo Alto, CA] b. Passed entrance exam, but admitted “conditioned” in English → condition removed during sr. yr c. Graduated w/ an A.B. in geology (May 1895) 4. Decided to become a mining engineer B. Occupational a. Military Service – none. 2. Congressional a. Mining Engineer (1896-1914) b. Relief Efforts during WWI (1914-1920) c. Secretary of Commerce (1921-1928) – under Pres.s Harding and Coolidge IV. Dates of the terms of office A. 1929 – 1933 V. Prominent issues in each election B. Smith – Catholicism; fears of Catholic president become tool of Pope C. KKK campaigned for Hoover – Protestant fundamentalism ran deep in S D. Smith – opposition to Prohibition → alienated S and W E. Hoover defended law as “great social and economic experiment noble in motive and farreaching in purpose.” F. Smith → against corruption of Harding admin. & probusiness stance of Coolidge admin. G. Hoover → campaigned on record of Republican prosperity; & against Smith’s H. Both → provide relief to farmers, devlp waterpower, maintain protective tariff, & conduct noninterventionist foreign policy VI. Opponent(s) by term A. Alfred E. Smith – democratic
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VII. Vice President: Charles Curtis (served 1929-1933) VIII. Political party: Republican IX. Domestic Happenings A. April 15, 1929 – New York City police raid the Birth Control Clinical Research Center established by Margaret Sanger, arresting two doctors and three nurses, and confiscating numerous records. Physicians and private citizens are outraged by the incident and a month later the case will be thrown out of court as a violation of a physician’s right to practice medicine. B. January 1929 – to revitalize the increasingly poor market for farm products; redeem pledge to provide relief to farmers → created a Federal Farm Board to encourage sale of agric. products through farm cooperatives & stabilization corporations, & control farm surpluses by buying surplus goods by fed. gov. to maintain price levels; & $500,000,000 fund to aid the cooperatives. Limited authority of board → insufficient to handle severe glut in agric. products → board abolished 1933. 1.
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31 - Herbert Hoover - Leah Betten Mr. Bickerstaff Period 3...

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