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ABE 4034 Homework Problem Set– 1 Due Date – 1/15/09 1. The sun radiant flux density (or power density) at the top of the earth's atmosphere is 1.37 kilowatts/m 2 . What is the flux density at Venus (0.7 AU), Mars (1.5 AU), Jupiter (5.2 AU), and Saturn (9.5 AU)? Express these values in kilowatts/m 2 and in photons/m 2 sec. Assume ! = 0.4 " m for the Sun illumination and that the energy from Sun is spread uniformly in all directions (isotropically). (Note: that AU = astronomical unit = Earth/Sun distance). 2. A small object is emitting Q watts isotropically in space. A receiver of area A is
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Unformatted text preview: located a distance d from the object. How much of the emitted power is being intercepted by the receiver? What size of a circular receiver is needed to receive 1 milliwatt and 1 microwatt if Q = 1 kW and d = 1000 km? Assume that no power is lost between the emitter and the receiver, and that the receiver is 100% efficient in the way the power is absorbed. In reality, the received power will be lower than the solution....
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