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hw8_s09 - for the first lens and 5 cm for the second If the...

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Hom e work Probl e m s 8 Du e Dat e Thur s day 3 / 5 / 09 Ulaby Chp 8; Pg 337 (2001 edition Please find it in the “Sensors – VI- TIR” handout) Problems 8.34, 8.38, 8.39 1. An imaging system consists of two thin positive lenses with focal lengths of 15cm
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Unformatted text preview: for the first lens and 5 cm for the second. If the two lenses are separated by a distance of 50 cm, locate the image of an object placed 25 cm in front of the first lens, relative to the location of the second lens....
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