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The similarities between Grasshoppers, fish, bears, and bacteria in the reproduction process may not always be known at a glance, but looking deeper we find that there are many similarities. Reproducing asexually only happens with bacteria, breaking into two pieces. Although the grasshoppers, fish and bears all create new blood cells through this process. In a more complex way the reproduction of fish occurs after the fish have courted for a while and then the female releases the eggs into a nest followed by the male releasing his sperm into the nest. The eggs are covered up and then protected by one or both of the parents.
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Unformatted text preview: Just like the fish the grasshoppers mate with a male and female and the female lays the eggs in the ground. However the difference is that the female puts foam over them that hardens to protect the eggs. The bears also have a female and male that must mate in order to reproduce. In this case they do not lay eggs but do have litters of cubs typically 1-3. The courtship is usually very short, after the cubs are born the male leaves and then the mother will say with the cubs for two to three seasons....
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