Exam 2 2005 - PH 132 Exam 2 Spring 2005 Student Name_...

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1 PH 132 Exam 2 Spring 2005 Student Name____________________________________________________ Student Number__________________________________________________ Lab/Recitation Section Number______________________________(11,…,35) Instructions: 1. Fill out all information above. Write your name on each page. 2. Clearly indicate your final answers for all multiple-choice questions in the space provided. 3. Present neat and orderly solutions to each problem. Clearly indicate your method of solution by including equations used for each part. Final answers should be circled or boxed . 4. Be sure to include appropriate units with all answers. 5. Assume the reference potential at infinity is zero unless specified otherwise. Multiple Choice________ Problem 1_____________ Problem 2_____________ Total _________________
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2 Multiple Choice (2 pts. each) The figure below shows a family of parallel equipotential surfaces (in cross-section) and three paths along which you move different charges from one surface to another. Note that the charges have different signs and magnitudes. Use this figure for questions 1 and 2. 1 2 3 2 1 3 1) What is the direction of the electric field associated with the surfaces? A) Rightward; B) Leftward; C) Upward; D) Downward; E) Into the page; F) Out of the page. Answer__________ 2) Rank the paths according to the work you do in moving each charge, greatest first. (Note that sometimes the work is positive and sometimes it is negative.)
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Exam 2 2005 - PH 132 Exam 2 Spring 2005 Student Name_...

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