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160_Toddler - dismissed for biting 2 other toddlers What questions would you ask What would you do Why Zoie age 15 months has learned to say

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CYAF 160 – Human Development and the Family In-Class Activity (Toddler Development) NAME____________________________________________________ SECTION: _____ 201 _____001 Part 1: Form a group of 4 to 6 and answer the following questions. Tamera, age 21 months, cries when asked to leave the playground. She throws her body on the ground and screams. What would you do? Why? The director of your childcare center calls to inform you that your 2-year-old son is being
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Unformatted text preview: dismissed for biting 2 other toddlers. What questions would you ask? What would you do? Why? Zoie, age 15 months, has learned to say “NO” with great zeal. In fact, she says it to everything she is asked. What would you do? Part 2: Review your answers to Part 1. What form of discipline/guidance most influenced your answers: power; love withdrawal; discipline?...
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