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ANTHRO NOTES: 9/2/09 -A Theme of Rejuvenation: Ancient Mexico and Central America --The Maya: -3 rd -9 th centuries AD Yucatan Guatemala, Honduras -The daily journey of the sun: how it would rise and set. Believed sun passed thru the underworld from west to east as a notion that everyday the sun was threatened and one day the sun wouldn’t make it and would be defeated -Solar year is 365.2422 days, 6
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Unformatted text preview: th century Mayas calculated it at 365.2420-Number system: vigesimal (base 20) # system-Maya calendar: 1 day = Kin Uinal= 20 kin Tun= 18 unial (360 days) Katun= 20 tun Baktun= 20 katun-A physical concept of time-Time as a relay: the tzolkin as 13 numbers and 20 names-the tzolkin repeats ever 13x20 = 260 days-The “personality” of days...
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