Proj2_G3 - program. The first team practice is scheduled...

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STQP 2043 OPERATIONS RESEARCH SEMESTER I SESSION 2009/2010 PROJECT 2 GROUP 3 1) A market research firm has four clients who have each requested that the firm conduct a sample survey. There are only three available statisticians; however, all three statisticians are busy, and therefore each can handle only one of the clients. The following data show the number of hours required for each statistician to complete each job; the differences in time are based on experience and ability of the statisticians. Client Statistician A B C D 1 150 210 270 160 2 170 230 220 240 3 180 230 225 230 a) Formulate an LP model for the problem. b) Use Hungarian method to solve for the optimal assignments. Which client is left unassigned? c) Use LINDO or Excel Solver to support your optimal solution. 2) Use Djikstra’s algorithm to find the shortest path between nodes 1 and 10 in the following network. 12 13 4 7 5 5 2 4 4 3 9 4 5 5 6 5 15 15 8 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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3) The manager of the Kokae Swimming Club is planning the club’s swimming team
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Unformatted text preview: program. The first team practice is scheduled for May 1. The activities, their immediate predecessors, and the activity time estimates (in weeks) are as follows. Time (weeks) Activity Description Immediate Predecessor Optimistic Time Most Likely Time Pessimistic Time A Meet with board - 1 1 2 B Hire coaches A 4 6 8 C Reserve pool A 2 4 6 D Announce program B,C 1 2 3 E Meet with coaches B 2 3 4 F Order team suits A 1 2 3 G Register swimmers D 1 2 3 H Collect fees G 1 2 3 I Plan first practice E,H,F 1 1 1 a) Draw the network representation of the project above. b) What are the critical activities and critical path of this project? c) What is the expected time to complete the project? d) If the club manager plans to start the project on February 1, what is the probability the swimming program will be ready by the scheduled May 1 date (13 weeks)? Should the manager begin planning the swimming program before February 1?...
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Proj2_G3 - program. The first team practice is scheduled...

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