Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study

Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study - that Sarah is...

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Checkpoint: Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study The legal and ethical issues are Mark is not concern about what the pool is lacking and how the resident can hurt themselves. Mark was not worried about what Sarah had to say about the pools lack of safety and how many of the will get hurt if theses issues are took care of. I think the director behavior is an, I don’t care one. He also display that Sarah is just and worker that is beneath have you she should just follow the rules and he dose not care about what she think. I do not think that the director role is and ethical role, because of the way he is handling the issues
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Unformatted text preview: that Sarah is cornered about. It looks to me he is just there to say he is a director. What is also on of my concern is that Mark is not living up to the mission statement. To me it looks like Mark is using some of the funds that were provided for his personal expenses. The impact would be the patients' lack of trust in the management in the community. If Mark dose not care about the safe of the resident then why is he still the director. He is not worried about the safety of the resident, he is about covering up things....
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