BIO100 DQs week 8 with participation posts

BIO100 DQs week 8 with participation posts -...

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BIO/100 DQ’s Week-8 Discussion Question 1 Resource : Ch. 7 in Bioinquiry Due Date: Day 2 [ Main forum] Research an example from one of the following categories of biotechnology, which your instructor will assign to you: o Agricultural and environmental uses o Medical and legal uses o Historical uses Post your response to the following: For your assigned biotechnology example, provide at least two ways the use of this biotechnology could benefit society and two ways this biotechnology could be harmful. Review another student’s example and provide a pro, a con, or your perspective on the topic. Biotechnology in today's world is the practical way of applying modern laboratory techniques such as recombinant DNA. Generally, biotechnology research is being used within the medical field of advancements. However, today more is being applied for agricultural and environmental uses. For instance biological control, in which more common solutions are being discovered in nature that will replace synthetic chemicals in the environment (Sollod, et al. 1998). In addition biotechnology is now being used to improve many of these biological control processes. More commonly known is the green technologies that with the proper attention and risk management have the potential to protect wildlife and or reduce the chemical pollutants within the environment (Sollod, et al. 1998). There are risk associated with the use of biotechnology. Specifically, the risk of unexpected
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repercussions from biotechnology gone wrong. However, with proper management, risk can be identified and evaluated for future improvements. Furthermore, when biotechnology is being used for agricultural and environmental purposes, constant consideration of the potential impact and danger on the entire ecosystem should be evaluated first (Sollod, et al. 1998). Thus, with this sort adjustments and consideration I believe biotechnology has the potential to produce many more positive effects and outcomes. References:
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BIO100 DQs week 8 with participation posts -...

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