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Chemistry 100: Fundamentals of Chemistry Department of Physical Sciences, Concord University Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Chambers Phone: 384-6281 Office: S404 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 12 -1 PM Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 1-2 PM Wednesdays The hours listed above are reserved especially for office hours; however, I have an open door policy. If you come to see me at times other than those specified, I will be happy to talk to you as long as I am available. 8 - 8:50 AM Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays S309 Note: Inclement weather schedule time is 10 - 10:40 AM Prerequisites : Math 091 previously or concurrently (or equivalent proficiency) Required Text and Materials: The following items are available in the Concord University bookstore: Tro, N. 2009. Introductory Chemistry. 3 rd edition. Pearson ISBN 0-13-600382-6 binder and loose-leaf paper for homework assignments calculator (Note: Calculators that are part of a cell phone or PDA are NOT acceptable.) Resources Materials (slides from lecture, handouts, some homework assignments, etc.) will be distributed using Moodle ( ). Your username is your Concord email address without and your password may be your official first name in lowercase letters. Scroll down and click on CHEM 100 Fundamentals of Chemistry (under Chemistry and Chambers). The enrollment key is chemistry. It is the students’ responsibility to check this site for updated course information and materials . Rationale and Purpose: This is an introductory chemistry course designed to build problem-solving skills and enhance the analytical thinking skills, which will be emphasized in CHEM 101 & CHEM 102. The skills learned in CHEM 100 will be applicable in more advanced chemistry and biology courses. This course cannot be used as a general studies elective. 1
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Goals: As a result of taking this course, the student should be able to: prepare and interpret graphs solve problems involving unit conversions and stoichiometry, as well as use scientific notation and understand the importance of significant figures understand different classifications of matter, its properties and the changes it undergoes understand the characteristics of an atom - structure, atomic and mass numbers and isotopes understand the grouping of elements in the periodic table use chemical formulas to express the composition of molecules and ionic compounds write and balance chemical reaction equations
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Chem_100_Syllabus_F10 - Chemistry 100 Fundamentals of...

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