ECE3025-syllabus-A - Syllabus for Electromagnetics...

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Syllabus for Electromagnetics ECE 3025C Fall 2005 Instructor: Prof. Thomas E. Michaels office: E296B Van Leer (Check Van Leer C225 if I am not in my office) office hours: Wed 3-5, or when door is open (email for set appointments) office phone: 404-385-4199 home phone: 770-938-4082 e-mail: [email protected] Text: First 5 weeks of class: Class Notes (available from Web CT) Remainder of course: Hayt/Buck, Engineering Electromagnetics, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2000 Prerequisite: ECE 2040 and Math 2403 Grading policy: Homework: 20 % 3 Quizzes: 15 % each Final exam: 30 % Professionalism: 5% Homework and exam policy: Problems will be assigned at regular intervals and collected. Solutions will be made available after the problems are graded. There will be in-class quizzes on Tuesday September 20, Tuesday October 18, and Tuesday November 22. The final exam will be given at the scheduled time during exam week, Tuesday December 13, 2:50 – 5:40 PM (tentative). A single page of notes will be allowed on each of the three quizzes, 8 ½” x 11”, handwritten, double side. Two pages will be allowed for the final exam. Make up exams will ONLY be given when the student has a medical or other excuse
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ECE3025-syllabus-A - Syllabus for Electromagnetics...

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