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BIO 201 Quiz 12 1. The main difference between mitotic prometaphase and mitotic anaphase A is that: A. Sister chromatids are paired together in prometaphase but not in anaphase A B. Mitotic chromosomes are syntelic in anaphase A but not in prometaphase C. There is still a complete (intact) nuclear membrane throughout prometaphase but it is gone in anaphase A D. There is half as much DNA in the cell in anaphase A compared to prometaphase E. Anaphase comes before prometaphase in mitosis 2. In general, mitotic chromosomal movements during mitosis can involve all of the following except: A. Dynein and kinesin-based movements near the plus ends of microtubules connected to kinetochores B. Actin-based movements along chromosomal spindle fibers C. Cytoplasmic MT shrinking and growing D. Movements of chromosomes along MTs by kinesin-related motors E. Microtubule sliding 3. Which of the following does not happen as the cell progresses from G2 to the
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Unformatted text preview: beginning of mitotic prophase? A. Disperse chromatin compacts (condenses) B. The ploidy changes C. Transcription virtually stops D. Cytoplasmic MT polymerization increases E. The level of mitotic cyclins is high in the nucleus 4. Mitosis is best described as: A. Cell division B. M-phase C. Reduction division D. Nuclear division E. Doubling the amount of DNA and splitting it into two daughter cells 5. Which of the following statements about Anaphase Promoting Complex (APC) is false ? A. APC is a multisubunit enzyme complex B. APC targets mitotic cyclins for degredation C. APC is seen in two different forms. One form of APC starts anaphase and the other form helps to end anaphase. D. APC causes ubiquitination of specific substrates E. APC initiates a series of events that lead to the destruction of some proteins that hold chromatids together Answers: 1. A 2 . B 3. B 4. D 5. C...
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