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2010 Math 121 Extra Credit Work - Due by Apr 26 (Final exam day) 1) Explain the math behind the following two calculus jokes ( 2 points ) (a) There’s a big calculus party, and all the functions are invited. ln(x) is talking to some trig functions, when he sees his friend e x sulking in a corner. ln x : ”What’s wrong e x ?” e x “I’m so lonely!” ln x : “Well, you should go integrate yourself into the crowd!” e x looks up and cries, “It won’t make a difference!” (b) Person 1: What’s the integral of 1/cabin? Person 2: A natural log cabin. Person 1: No, a houseboat - you forgot to add the sea! 2) Prove that e π > π e . ( 3 points )
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Write a report on your reaction to a math-related movie or TV program ( e.g, there is a network crime show currently on CBS on Friday evenings, called Numb3rs). The report should be about two pages (or more, if you have a lot to say). It should be well-written, make interesting reading, probably be somewhat personal (what did YOU get out of it?). A substantial portion should relate to the mathematical aspects of the work. Please use a word processor (or typewriter), and make sure the spelling and punctuation are correct. You can earn up to 5 points depending on the quality of what you do. 1...
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