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Allan was always eager to be

Allan was always eager to be - Allan was always eager to...

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Allan was always eager to be "perfect “and wanted to be better than Rubin or just like him. He did a lot of practices and hard work to become a best sorcerer and also a healer. Allan’s thinks that tricks are not good or evil by themselves, if you intended to do good the results will be good. “By themselves the tricks are not good or evil, and if you plan to do well, then the result must be good” (130). Allan always keened to learn new spell and whenever he learned new spell he showed proudly to his father and Richard’s friends. Allan improved as time passed and he showed his own style too pleased Rubin, who blessed him for his talent. To judge Allan’s practice and hard work he had done to become sorcerer, Allan was given the task of healing Esther's broken hip. He lifted her pain by spreading his left hand fingers on her eyes and whispering the rune. Rubin complimented Allan on how well he worked on Esther and said, "That was the best I've seen anybody do the spell for exorcism. ..God took Holt of you back
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